What to Expect

The first consultation includes taking a medical history, recording any medication and all of your contact details, emergency contacts and so on as well as a discussion of what brought you to us and any symptoms you would like us to address.

What happens next depends on that conversation. It may be that we do a wheel balance where we test each of the muscles connected to the fourteen acupuncture meridians in sequence, or we may start with a symptom and work back to the imbalance behind it. Either way we will use a combination of meridian work, nutrition testing, neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic reflex points and emotional stress release to bring your system back to balance. The body tells us what it needs as a priority right now. That may be the end of it and you may only need one appointment but most often balancing one layer leads to the next and so on until dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis) has been achieved.

The price for each session is discretionary, normally between £30 and £75 depending on what we agree feels right to you.

If nutritional supplements are part of the balance then there will be an additional cost for them. Nutrition is only ever suggested if it shows as being absolutely key.